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About Us:


Founded in 1992 and formed as an LLC in 2014, aj Web Design Plus provides small and medium sized businesses a wide variety of Website & Database services with a single point of contact for all of the organization’s Web and Database needs while saving the business time and money. Our clients range from start-ups, small to mid-sized businesses, and retailers that need cost effective solutions to either get their business's technology off the ground, grow their businesses, or to increased profitability.


We also provide comprehensive Information Technology consultation services all your technology essentials including: computer security, repair services, software support, new computing equipment, database development, network design and installation. We also provide state of the art web design, management, hosting, and more. 


We can help your organization with all its technology needs from server support, storage, data management, infrastructure and virtualization solutions, we've got the strategic insight and technological expertise to help you reach your business goals.


From world-class IT products and top-level manufacturer certifications, to flexible lease financing and professional services, we have the resources you need to succeed.

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