Small Hotels over Chain Hotels

Where did you stay on your last road trip or vacation? A big named hotel with a big fancy lobby? Did the staff take care of your needs? Was the room nice? Do they care? NO!! Sure sometimes it feels like they do BUT losing one customer in a larger scale hotel is not a big deal to their bottom line.

Small hotels give that extra special care to their guests. Every customer counts when you go to a locally owned and operated hotel or bed and breakfast. They rely on return customers, positive reviews, and the ever so powerful word of mouth for more guests.

So how do you find these local hotels? INTERNET, GOOGLE, BING, YELP, Ect... So it is so vital to every small holtel, B&B, and motel that they have a outstanding website with online booking and reviews to read. No webpage equals lost revenue. No review equals lost reservations.

Does your hotel, B&B, or motel need an exceptional website with an online booking system - aj Web Design Plus can get you online today! Contact us for more information or visit us at:

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